Innovation HUB for HR Transformation Management Solutions

Our Transformation Management Solutions are highly effective and are powered by clear vision and experience driven perspectives. Therefore we strive to deliver the best solutions to organizations in order to solve the most challenging people issues.

Our Keen Focus

Based on best practices, we play a very distinct role on a global platform in Leadership Coaching, Human Capital Management, Board Advisory and Leadership Acquisition. We aspire to bring a world class consulting service across the table for our clients. We help build a new or existing organization, retain talent and integrate cultures.

Talent Acquisition

We have an effective Talent Acquisition process. It is time tested and our goal is to provide the best talent in line with your growth strategy. We use AI technology and the expertise of our recruiters to shortlist prospective candidates. Hence we reduce the risk of a bad hire and succeed in recruiting the best talent for the system

Core strengths

We have a credible global presence. Our service delivery is based on a “triage” perspective of global disruptive trends and next-gen best practices. We are experts at streamlining and customizing corporate processes to enhance organization’s efficiency and create a visible impact on development programs.

At HRLogica, our methods have a progressive approach that is aligned to current market trends and scenarios. Our rigorous assessment modules are integrated in to the program to encourage Talent Development. As a result, these modules accelerate transformation leading to business success.

Our Bespoke training modules endeavour to create the perfect training program. They are designed to hone skills of an individual. The training modules help align their goals and core competencies with the organization’s objective.

Our focus lies on deliverables based on real cases for a successful learning journey.

To further raise the value proposition of our training programs, we rely on cutting-edge technology based training tools. Some of the tools are Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) and Blockchain. These tools enhance the experience of the training program and make it very interactive and personal.

In conclusion, the results are significant and lead to sustained improvements in the organization