Best Background Verification Companies In India

Best Background Verification Companies In India

What is Background Verification?

Background Verification or Background Check is an in-depth investigation on various aspects of the employee such as work history, public (criminal) records, address verification and educational qualification. The best Background Verification Companies in India mainly conduct pre-employment background check in India for companies big and small.

Why are Background Verification Companies Important?

The best Background Verification Companies in India work as third party agencies for companies and enterprises. They mainly conduct pre-employment background check in India.

In India, the employers rely on the resume submitted to them by the aspiring candidates. However, most resumes have discrepancies. According to an AuthBridge survey in 2017, 1 out of 6 job applicants lie on their resume. An AuthBridge report finds that the number of candidates with fraudulent CVs has been rising over the past three years. The degree at which fraudulent resumes are on the rise pose a major threat to the workplaces. The top verification companies in the world have the herculean task of helping the company with the correct hiring. This is what makes the pre-employment background check in India an important prerequisite before hiring.

A company is always at risk while hiring since the employer is responsible for the actions of the employees. The best background companies in India do a thorough background check on the candidates, thereby minimizing risk. Candidates with a criminal background will pose a threat to the reputation of the company as well as workplace safety. This should serve as an incentive for the employers to reach out to the best background verification companies in India.

An in depth pre-employment screening can help protect the reputation of the company from negative publicity inflicted by scandalous employees. The best background verification companies in India help the employers select the right candidates suitable for the job.

Pre-Employment Background Check In India

The best verification companies in India must ensure comprehensive investigations on these primary aspects of the candidate.

Public records:

Public records such as criminal offences are obtained from the court of law and law enforcement agencies. Doing a thorough background check on this will ensure workplace safety. It is also important for the values of both the employee and the organization to be compatible with each other.

Educational qualifications:

To ensure that the educational qualification of the applicant is genuine, the company may reach out to the college/university from where the applicant had graduated. The credentials which the applicant fills in on the resume are reviewed. The employer may also inquire about other aspects apart from the qualifications, such as the applicant’s overall conduct.

Work history:

The employer can contact the applicant’s previous employer to gain insights on his/her work ethic, job role, work performance, duration of work and overall conduct.

Address verification:

The background verification companies most often sends their team of investigators to the physical location of the applicant. They may also consult with the neighbors about the applicant and dig out valuable information. If the address turns out to be fake, it shows the applicant’s willingness to hide his/her past identity.

Advancement of Digital Technology helping in the Background Verification Companies in India

Apart from the resume, the background verification companies can access the information shared by the candidate in online space. In addition to this, the GOI has aided the background verification process by introducing digital outlets where information are stored. In the Aadhar Verification, practically all information about the candidate from residential address to biometrics are available. The NAD( National Academics Depository) has been launched to digitally store academics records. This serves the purpose of cancelling out fraudulent practices like forging certificates and marksheets. The NSR (national skills registry) launched by the government serves as the largest database for working professionals. This makes it easier for the employers to fact check the employees’ information. It is easy for the best background verification companies in India to obtain information digitally because of technological advancements.

Social media too serves as an important tool and the background verification companies in India make full use of it. The top background verification companies in the world use this important tool to map out valuable information about the employees. The applicant’s interests, engagement, activities and affiliations can be figured by the background verification companies. Improper conduct such as indulging in racist and homophobic slurs can work against the candidate. There is no law that can prohibit an employer from checking the social media handles of the candidate and the background verification companies take full advantage of it.

Background Verification Process in India

The background verification process in India is either done by the company itself or by third party agencies. Big companies or organizations hire the best background verification companies to conduct pre-employment background check in India. The smaller companies usually does the verification themselves with the help of a team of HR. The employment verification process depends upon the different norms and the kind of investigation that needs to be done.

Once the background verification companies comprehensively completes the background verification process, a detailed report is sent to the employer. The employer, after seeing the detailed report will then make the decision if the hiring needs to be done. In case of post employment verification the employer will decide whether or not to continue with the employee. Sometimes, even if the report is negative, the employer may choose to continue with the employee if the risk involved is minimal. Usually, the background verification process takes around 3-10 days, but it may take even longer if the background verification company wishes to do an in-depth background check.

Top Background Verification Companies in the World

In the early 2000’s, data was being rapidly digitized which made court records and other public documents more accessible. This presented a huge opportunity for the background check industry to speed up the process while making it more affordable. There are numerous background verification companies which help the employers conduct a thorough background check of any candidate. Looking for the best background verification company can be a challenging task. The background verification companies have opened up their websites online making it easy for the users to access vital information. Just by entering the name of the candidate, the online background verification websites, instantly provide information on factors like employment, residential proof, criminal records, bankruptcy, etc. Many background verification companies are offering their services for free. Therefore, it is imperative that anyone who is seeking the services of the background verification companies to take a closer look at how they function.


HireRight is one of the most highly regarded and recognized background verification company with a global outreach. It provides for a centralized global platform and enables a consistent background verification screening for employers and candidates. HireRight is user friendly and easy to use. It was the first internet based background verification company operating since June 1997. HireRight has a global reach of over 200 countries and territories having operated in the industry for more than 50 years. HireRight is a FCRA complaint background verification company. The services they offer include criminal background checking, identity checks and verifications, health and drug tests, extended workforce screening, and driving license records check. HireRight is a time efficient service provider. As such, there is no cons about this company that anyone can think about. HireRight is the go to background verification company if you are thinking about choosing one.

TransUnion SharAble For Hires

TransUnion ShareAble For Hires is a background verification company which is the most suitable for small businesses. It has immediate access to powerful screening tools. This online employee screening service is ideal for small businesses that require a simple and easy background verification process and hire people quickly. It is FCCA complaint company. ShareAble For Hires mainly conducts background checks on credit history, identity verification and criminal history of the candidates. The employers get the report sent from TransUnion, a reputed and trusted company with over 40 years of experience in the credit reporting industry.


Intelius is a background verification company mainly specializes in background checks, contact information, address verification, criminal records and reverse phone look up. The advantage of using Intelius is that it is instrumental in finding out educational information, very useful visualization, and has provision for one time use via single subscription. Intelius also has a mobile app available for both android and IOS users.


Rated as the best background check service providers by employers, GoodHire offers pre-employment verification services to the employers of businesses and industries of all sizes. The background verification process are in complaint with the FCRA rules and regulation. GoodHire is easily accessible for mobile users and time taken to access the data are also very less. Common searches on GoodHire include international background checks, credit checks, criminal history checks, driving license checks, professional reference checks, educational verification, healthcare sanctions and drug test. There is a flipside of this company, which is that the search functionality is not very good and it is not multi-lingual.


InfoMart is a background verification company that has been active in the industry for more than 3 decades. The company adheres to the FCRA rules and regulation. InfoMart specializes on various ranges of services such as automotive, education, finance, food service, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, sharing economy, sports and entertainment, staffing, transportation. It is one of the best background verification company for small businesses because of transparent pricing, easy-to-use online portal, industry-specific screenings and no minimum requirements. The best features of InfoMart is its pricing and screening flexibility.


Sterling is one of the leading providers of background and identity services. It offers a foundation of trust and safety that spans across industries, professions and borders. They have office locations all over the world conducting more than 100 million searches annually. SterlingNOW, a division of the company is the best for Self-Service. The company offers Kennect- a screening service convenient for small and midsize businesses that want quick, reliable background checks on their own terms, benefitting those that need less than 100 checks per year. This agency is best for self service because of its time efficiency, customizations and its online portal. Sterling also offers variety of services like credit reports, drug and health screenings, executive investigations, fingerprinting, global checks, motor vehicle records, social media searches, workforce monitoring and COVID-19 health tests. It also conducts verifications on professional license and certification verifications, military employment verifications and professional reference checks.


AccurateNow is one of the most affordable background verification company. It is FCRA complaint. Small and mid size business mostly benefits from the verification process by not having to lock itself into a commitment. Above all, the company promotes itself for providing the fastest turnaround times on background checks in the industry. The services provided include education and employment verification, motor vehicle reports, professional license verification and federal criminal searches.


Checkr is a background verification company which uses AI-powered technology to help customers conduct their background check therefore, helping companies, both big and small, to make informed and safer hiring decision in less time. They are FCRA complaint. In a modern and quickly shifting economy, Checkr is helping smaller companies in doing business. It is a modern, modern and multilingual platform. The background screenings they conduct include criminal record check, verification check, civil searches, driver and MVR, and drug and health check. They are spread over industries like manufacturing, volunteer service, food service, gigs economy, staffing, retail, hospitality and technology.


TruthFinder is an excellent background check service that provides quality and detailed information. It is considered to be one of the best for accurate results. TruthFinder will help you to search public records such as criminal history, civil judgements, social media, contact information, educational qualifications, birth and death certificates and many more. It has an advanced algorithm and user friendly cross-platform support. However, the cons of it is that TruthFinder does not have flexible pricing packages.


IntelliCorp is an accredited background verification company. They offer a comprehensive and legally(FCCR) compliant screening products and services which allow the clients to make an informed choice. IntelliCorp has a competitive pricing system and takes an unique approach to meet turnover time. Moreover, they have a unique set up to facilitate volunteer organization staffing. However, they are not a multilingual platform.

List of Best Background Verification Companies in India

India is the fastest growing economy in the world and has brought many businesses and enterprises in the forefront. Therefore, this has directly paved a way for the emergence of scores of background verification companies in India. Today, both big and small businesses have realized the need for an efficient system for pre-employment background check in India, therefore leaving companies competing to be the best background verification company India.

Quinfy Technology Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the best background verification companies in India. It is both time and cost efficient. In addition to this, the decentralized identity feature helps protect personal data and information. Moreover, the advanced technology the company uses, speeds up, and smoothens the verification process. The service provided include employee background checks, leadership credentialing, KYC verifications, almost all the verification services you can possibly require


CFirst Corp provides a cost effective and customized background check solution through an industry leading, easy to use web based system. Moreover, they are an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. They allow clients to customize services and create their own package. Their online portal is easy to use and can easily integrate with most of the industry leading HR and Recruiting software. The background checks conducted by them include criminal background check, education background check, employment background check, identity check, public database check, reference check, address verification, credential check, credit history check and resume check. They also conduct drugs and alcohol check, finger printing and psychometric tests. They are spread over industries such as retail, financial services, healthcare, IT, staffing, telecom, manufacturing, aviation, education and business services. Lastly, they have a global presence, conducting background screening not only in India but US and other countries too.

Corporate Investigation India

Corporate Investigation India conducts pre-employment verification services, recognizing the dire need for screen potential employees at all levels. From staff to management, they conduct an extensive background verification process to weed out the undesirables. Their pre-employment screening includes criminal background checks, education qualifications, address verification, employment verification, referral checks, database checks, OFAC checks and ITI verification. They other checks include white paper/document verification, tenant screening and drug testing. CII functions globally adhering to the rules and regulation considered while operating in that country.


JustVerified is India’s first background verification company to have mobile application and web based application thereby rendering convenient means of authentication and reliability to the customers. They offer services such as address verification, employment verification, criminal verification, educational verification, self verification, PAN card verification, driving license verification, aadhar card verification and soon to come matrimony verification.

Fourth Force

As a professionally managed background verification company, with a team of 100+ trained experts providing unbiased and reliable services in the authentication of available, Fourth Force makes amongst the top ten best background verification companies in India. Fourth Force provides with dependable validated intelligence with efficient turnaround times and complete confidentiality, transforming decisions and mitigating risks. In addition, there field of expertise lies on corporate and business houses, insurance, banking and financing, supply chain investigation, value added services and personal verification services.


Professionals with extensive experience in the global screening industry runs the IBC. They are spread across India and represents 152 countries with professionals working to deliver background checks and investigation solutions worldwide. The services they offer include profile verification, national ID verification, criminal checks, financial checks, regulatory checks and expanded global sanctions. Moreover, they are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO:2015 certified company. They provide a comprehensive employee background screening services on a nationwide and global scale necessary for today’s business environment, therefore making them amongst the top ten background verification companies in India.

Sleuths India

Sleuts India is renowned for its unmatched investigative services available for individual cases, business cases, debtor issues, pre-employment and post-employment checks. They are an award winning and highly acclaimed private detective service with over 21 years of experience. Although they remain unchallenged in the field of private investigation, the company has successfully been serving to all, private, public and government sectors, with great efficiency. Having being backed by the largest team of investigators using the most sophisticated technology, they virtually and strategically are spread across the nation. To top it all, they have access to data and information not available to any other players in the domain. In overall, Sleuts India deserves your trust as it time and again has proven its track record of being highly efficient and therefore, is easily one of the best background verification companies in India.


iCrederity aims to set a standard platform for background verification process based on authentic credential analysis which can be accessed universally and supported by a strong network. This company was established with the aim to provide credential checks to individual and corporates with the help of a sophisticated background verification procedure. iCrederity has developed proprietary tools enabling time and cost effective procedures for background verification with a team of erudite experts. Their employee background verification includes address verification, identity verification, education verification, drug use test, criminal record verification, criminal record check, global database check, court record check and employment history check.

iChek Services

With over 10 years of experience in pre-employment background check, iChek possess tremendous insightful industry experience. They are committed to provide quality and reliable service, moreover making a name for itself in the industry ensuring customer centric services. Their wide range of verifications include address, criminal, employment, education and related checks, which can be for both company and individual needs. Moreover, they have been acclaimed as a suitable background verification company for serving several national and multi-national organizations.

SecUr Credentials

SecUr Credentials Ltd. is one of India’s largest background check companies with pan-India coverage and operational capabilities across the globe. They are a background check company with a global footprint, fusing innovation with technology thus making the background verification process easier. The checks conducted by them include education check, employment check, criminal check, identity check, database and media check, residential check, reference check, credit check, drug test check and psychometric test check.

Prompt Personal

Prompt Personal is one of India’s leading HR solutions company having more than 22 years of experience in the industry. They are one of the best and most trustworthy background screening companies in India offering a comprehensive list of services catering to address verification, education and professional verification, employment verification and professional references. Moreover, their expertise also lies on solutions related to permanent and temporary staffing, and labour law advisory and compliance.  

Since its inception decades ago, the background verification process has undergone sea changes. Most of the organizations, which started out as the Indian counterpart for multinational companies, regardless of their size have recognized the importance of background-checking candidates. Moreover, even though digital and technical revolution is paving its path in almost every industry or sector, one cannot undermine the importance of human resource. Human resource is the most important asset for any organization and should be handled efficiently, therefore the best background verification companies in India play a pivotal role in helping corporate organizations make the correct hiring. The healthy competition between the best background verification companies in India will only contribute towards making a safe, productive and healthy workplace filled with an efficient workforce. In conclusion, because of the relentless services provided by the best background verification company in India, the nation will eventually become a economic superpower.

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